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A Flower Under a Darkening Sky

A Flower Under a Darkening Sky.
Acrylic on Canvas.
Chris Hughes (2012)

This acrylic work was produced late in 2012 just as the Swedish winter started to bite. We were already looking forward to the Spring and its early crocuses, but that was still many months away. Like many winter paintings my palette turns dark as the evenings closes in. In spring my palette lightens considerably and warms towards oranges, yellows and reds.

This original acrylic artwork was one of the first of this type to be uploaded to Redbubble. RedBubble likes large images but we were limited somewhat by the original scan size, so we achieved only 4634 x 6266 pixels after limited enlargement which are rather awkward dimensions to try to use on Redbubble products and led to some compromises. Usually we aim for at least 7632 x 6480 pixels.

Nevertheless, some products really shone with this work as design. As is typical, both throw pillows and floor pillows (cushions) worked well:

Floor pillow, available on Redbubble

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