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Discover the Beauty of William Morris’ Alphabet with These Stunning Colored Stickers and Wall Art

William Morris was a British textile designer, writer, and artist who played a significant role in the Arts and Crafts movement during the late 19th century. His style of intricate, handcrafted designs and illustrations was heavily influenced by nature and medieval art, and his work has remained influential even today.

One of Morris’ lesser-known contributions is his illustrated alphabet, a series of ornate letters designed with intricate details. Now, thanks to independent artist niokvadrat these designs are available in vibrant colors. These letters were originally created for Morris’ book designs, but today nikvadrat has made them available as wall art and stickers, making them perfect for adding a touch of Morris’ aesthetic to your home.

Redbubble, an online marketplace for independent artists, offers a wide selection of Morris-inspired stickers and wall art, including all his illuminated letters in full color. These stickers are perfect for decorating laptops, phones, and notebooks or even for labeling items in your home like books and bedroom doors.

For example, the “Illuminated Lettering William Morris Black Letter A” and the “William Morris Illuminated Initial Capital Letter C in Mauve” stickers are a stunning representation of Morris’ intricate design work, featuring detailed floral patterns and (thanks to niokvadrat) vibrant colors.

Meanwhile, the “Illuminated Lettering William Morris White Letter E” sticker showcases a more minimalist design that still manages to capture Morris’ unique style.

If you’re looking for a complete set of Morris-inspired alphabet stickers, the sticker packs available on Redbubble are a great option, for example: the “Sticker Pack William Morris Illuminated Letters S to Z Green“. This pack features several of Morris’ illustrated letters in a cohesive, green color scheme, making them perfect for adding a pop of color to any surface.

Finally, for those looking for matching numerals to go with their alphabet, niokvadrat has created the set from 0 to 9, like the “William Morris Style Illuminated Numeral Red Number 3” sticker, which make it possible to add sequence numbers, dates, room numbers, and more to the existing alphabet by Morris.

In conclusion, William Morris’ illustrated alphabet is a beautiful example of his intricate design work and his dedication to craftsmanship. With the availability of Morris-inspired stickers and wall art, it’s easier than ever to incorporate his unique style into your home decor.

Check out the Redbubble shop of independent artist niokvadrat to discover more of Morris’ stunning designs.

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