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Over at Elvakvadrat we’ve been focusing this month on adding a new range of attractive vintage posters and high resolution wall art to our range, adding new designs to our astronomy, book cover, Gustave DorĂ©, and Hilma af Klint collections.

First up, Francis Cugat’s superb illustration “Celestial Eyes” for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby:

This poster is available in five background colors, as well as on over 100 different products in our Elvakvadrat store.

Next up we have a dramatic, high resolution woodblock illustration from Dante’s Divine Comedy drawn by renowned artist Gustave DorĂ©. The illustration features the malebranche – the demons ensure that bankers and moneylenders get their just reward in the afterlife! We have both the original black and white print as well as a carefully tinted version, which you can see here as a photographic print:

Again, this print is available as prints and posters, tapestries and canvases, and on over 100 different products in our Elvakvadrat store.

It will be no surprise to our followers that we are obsessed with the spiritual abstracts of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint. We have featured some of her work before but now we have decided to really focus in on her best works. Here from 1915 is the utterly gorgeous Altarpiece No.2:

Above we show you the canvas print. Posters and more are available in our shop.

Finally, let’s round off with a bit of science. The Webb Space Telescope has been getting all the buzz lately but we should never forget that the now-venerable Hubble Space Telescope has been serving us well with wonderful images for decade, including this one of the Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius:

Visit our Tiokvadrat and Elvakvadrat shops to see 1000’s more designs!

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